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Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe that January is finally over? It seems like I'm not the only one who felt like January took his sweet ol' time. It was the lonnnnnnnngest month everrrrr. Exaggeration much needed there.  I got a lot of things done, and I have a lot of exciting things coming up! Just a random thought: I am so thankful for life. If you are breathing you should be too. Life is too short to take for granted and could be taken away at any moment. So love those around you. 

Okay, about this leopard coat. When I tell you I have been on the hunt for a leopard coat for a YEAR now, I'm not kidding. So, I tried to find a good one that I loved last year, but I never found the right one. Either the print was not too cute, too shiny, or sold out. Story of my life right. Every year, Zara comes out with a leopard coat and they sell out within a few weeks and then you can't find it anywhere. The good thing is, leopard coats never ever ever go out of style! So you can buy one when Winter is over (most likely on sale) and then save it for the following year. Recently this past Fall, I ordered two leopard coats that I had to return because I didn't like the type of leopard print. Does that make sense? I wanted one so bad so I just waited it out until I found another one that I loved. Once again, Zara came out with another one this year which didn't last very long and I got it! I got lucky because it was the last one in store, on SALE. Major score. 

Snapseed 3.jpg

So here's why you need a leopard coat in your life: 

A.  Leopard coats can make just about any outfit come alive. You don't have to just wear matchy matchy black outfits. (I did because that's what I wanted to wear that day haha) You can wear different prints like stripes, or graphic print t-shirts for a more casual but well put-together look. 

B.  Again, leopard coats never go out of style. As I mentioned before - they were pretty popular around last year, the year before, and now. Depending on where you live, you can rock a faux fur coat a couple times throughout the year (unless you live in Texas like me.) I just love how versatile you can get with a leopard coat. 

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Leopard Coat: Zara (sold out, similar linked below) // Black Turtleneck: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: J Brand // Booties: Vince Camuto // Bag: Zara (old)

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Thanks so much for reading babes! We have 6 more weeks of Winter! What are your favorite pieces that you will be wearing until Spring? Also, if you haven't already, you can follow me in the app and shop my looks easily by a screenshot! <3



Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Feel free to stay as long as you please. As you may know, the Style For Breakfast blog has been on a hiatus (which seems like t h e longest time ever) - for the better. I can definitely say during the time I spent away from blogging + my social media, I was figuring out how to balance.  I knew I had to figure out how to rebuild and move forward.  I also had to learn to stop making excuses for myself because that didn't help the situation at all. Just being honest here. During that time I randomly moved to a different city (Austin) and literally had about a three-four week notice. That was crazy! But I did it. 


"I knew I had to figure how to rebuild and move forward."


I can say that I did spend my time away being productive. I read books for inspiration, listened to podcasts, read other inspirational blogs, wrote down my ideas and goals, created mood boards, and so on. I figured out my vision and what was going to work for me. Before, I just could not make up my damn mind about the direction I wanted to go in. I switched platforms not once, but TWICE. First I had my blog with Blogger, then I switched to Wordpress, then from Wordpress I switched to Squarespace - which I felt that it fit the aesthetics of my vision better.

I can admit that I did have a lot of unwanted idle time in between, and I let every little thing get in the way of my productive creativity. Sometimes, it is okay to have a break and figure out exactly what you want to do, and how you want it done. I'd rather that, than putting out content that I wasn't too pleased with. I had to make myself realize that being a perfectionist just isn't going to help you get sh*t done. Because you probably won't.

"Sometimes it's okay to have a break and figure out exactly what you want to do, and how you want it done."

 If you could choose something to take away from this post; I want you to remember that being yourself (your BEST self at that) is the MOST important thing you can do. Don't spend your time comparing yourself to others who have a gazillion followers because chances are.......they bought them. Just kidding. But really, growing your business, blog, everything takes time and continuous effort.

Don't think for one second that your work isn't as good enough because you don't have a huge audience. As that should not be your main goal, that will come later. CONSISTENCY is major key. Just continue to work your butt off and stay true to who you really are. People will notice that. Go for it, girl!

"I want you to remember that being yourself is the MOST important thing you can do."


Photos by Loren Ferguson