Lojel is an innovative travel company that was birthed in Japan in 1989. Inspired by the everyday traveler, Lojel aims to continue to partner with ethical manufacturers that are certified non-toxic. Now, you may have read my previous post about an ethical fashion brand called Everlane (if not, you should catch up!) and I am becoming more aware of how some retailers are making the effort to produce their products in a more eco-friendly and ethical environment. The cool thing that I loved about this brand once I discovered it, is that it was more than just a site that you go to purchase luggage….

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It’s more of like a destination for travel inspiration. I love that Lojel has also created a travel journal series called “Paid Leave” which is a curated collection of interests for travelers broken down into an archive of issue #’s. I'm always inspired by reading about places that I’ve never been, and of course places that I’ve never seen. In the 4th Issue, I read a story titled - Wanted: Genuine Connection. This topic really resonated with me because it talks about connecting with a place in a way that feels more genuine. The photos that you see here were taken in a town called Galveston Island which is about an hour drive from Houston. Galveston isn’t the most exciting town and anyone that lives in the area can tell you that. Sorry, not sorry. I took a full day to travel there anyway to shoot some other content that was planned with my friends. Let’s just say we made the absolute BEST of it! After posting to my IG Stories where we were and what we were up to, many people that live in the areas of my town were asking: “Where in Galveston is this?” In the Paid Leave Journal - Issue #4 I read: “To connect with a place, you have to make a choice.” I used to underestimate Galveston because the beach water is not pretty and blue, but we took advantage of our visions and created some amazing content while there. The moral of the story is - open your eyes and take a city for what it is, not what you want it to be.


The style featured here is called the “Cubo.” Lojel makes two other designs called the “Voja,” and “Alto." So far, Cubo is my favorite design. It’s made of a pure polycarbonate shell, and undoubtedly lightweight for the size. I love the sleek and sophisticated look.

It features four double-sided 360 wheels for rolling through the airport (or wherever) with ease, and a built-in TSA compatible lock system. I have the large size which is for check-in only. When I tell you I love this luggage, believe me. The compartments are so handy, and it has a deep body which is perfect for my many times when I need to..or accidentally overpack. The Cubo currently comes in 7 colors, and the color featured here is Rose. I am obsessed! Can’t wait to pack it for my next getaway.


Where to next?




On our last day in Tulum, we went to visit the infamous "Pablo Escobar Mansion" also known as Casa Malca - which is now a hotel. This place is literally a hidden gem. It's located pretty far down Tulum Beach and is very ducked off. So if you don't know about it beforehand, you probably won't hear much about it or see it. Pablo's mansion was abandoned after he died in '93. After being rediscovered in 2003, Lio Malca - a New York based contemporary art dealer bought the mansion and turned it into a luxury hotel then renamed - Casa Malca. Many places down Tulum Beach have signs with the names of the property but Casa Malca does not. Also, you can't just roll up in there and expect to be able to explore the property. You will get turned around. We learned this after our second attempt to get inside. We tried to visit the day before, but for some reason they were closed for the day. I was like nooooooo because of course I saw photos of the property before, and I had some ideas  in mind (because that's what I do all the time - lol.) Luckily, we got in the next day! The experience was so exclusive - before you can get inside, there will be a guard at the door to check if you are a guest. Since we were not staying at the hotel, we told him we had reservations for the restaurant and he opened the gates to let us inside. *sigh of relief*


This area normally has a big rug and couch but they took it down for maintenance and cleaning. I was bummed. (again) Since I can be "extra" when I want something, I asked when they were going to put out the couch and rug (that you can see is missing) he couldn't tell me a timeframe so I took photos anyway then headed to the restaurant. Life goes on. I also loved how the curtains were made from old wedding dresses!


Just as I thought - every part was so beautiful and the atmosphere was absolutely peaceful. We arrived pretty early (around 9:30am-ish) just in case there were other tourists. We were the only ones there except for the housekeepers and the person working the front desk. We walked around, checked out the mansion, then went to have breakfast at the restaurant "Philosophy" inside. There were only 3 other people having breakfast, then just Des and me after they left. I loved having the place to ourselves! That meant photo-op time of course.


Boy I sure do love a breakfast with a view. We sat on this gorgeous couch that I wish I could've taken home with me. (well, as for all of the interior decors) Our seating was right next to this open space that overlooked the Tulum Beach where you could hear the waves and feel the warm breeze. The restaurant was very rustic-chic, yet modern. The service was great, and the music was relatable - haha. We ordered pancakes and coffee with some kind of mouth-watering-delicious bread that I want more I certainly want to go back to Casa Malca when I visit Tulum again. Maybe stay there for a night or two to get a chance to explore the entire property since some were off-limits to non guests of the hotel. This place should absolutely be on your to-see list when you visit Tulum. 


Tassel Earrings: Beaded By W // Top: Virgodowntown // Skirt: Nasty Gal (old) // Bag: Ellen & James Rectangle Basket