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One of the most common questions I get after returning from New York Fashion Week is: “How was fashion week"?” Obviously, my answer is always “It was amazing, great, etc” I got tired of that same old boring answer so I decided to create this blog post as well as share some helpful tips in case you are an influencer who would like to start breaking into this side of the fashion industry. Not that I know all of the “hows” and everything about attending, I am just simply sharing my thoughts and what has worked for me and my girls every time we attend New York Fashion Week. Ready to take notes?


    Depending on your experience, NYFW can be a bust or a success. If you decide to go, you have two seasons to decide to attend - September for Spring fashion, or February for Fall fashion. Or both. If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram - (which I’m sure you have since you’re reading this now) then you know Shay, Nikki, and Brandy, and I recently went both seasons. I cannot explain how important it is to prep in advance. Book your flight months ahead if you can, and arrange your lodging situation as soon as you know your dates. Hotel stays can get super expensive the longer you wait, and AirBnBs can book out pretty quickly. Once you’ve booked your travel arrangements, what are you going there for? Attend shows, street style watch? Have this figured out. Getting invited to fashion shows are not easy as it takes lots of work to build your brand recognition. I’d recommend signing up for subscriptions via Fashion Week Online and GPS Radar to be alerted with the latest fashion week news, schedules, and tips. What is it that you want to takeaway from attending NYFW all together? Reach out to other bloggers or friends that may also be going and connect with them during your trip. Ask them what their schedule is and see if you can possibly be a + one to any events or shows they are going to. Do your own research as well and try to RSVP to everything that you get invited to. Of course you won’t be able to attend everything, but it’s always good to have those contacts in your email archives for later when you attend another season you can reach out directly to them.



My girls and I are so lucky that we have Ahmad AKA @sweenshots also AKA Shay’s husband behind the lens to travel to fashion week with us every time. He’s a real one for that and he gets things done! We plan out our content on a calendar while we’re there so we can alternate shooting schedules. Of course you’re going to overpack for fashion week so you might as well try to shoot all of the outfits that you brought for blog and Instagram content. Heads up, this may include uncomfortably changing 3-4 times a day. Welp, gotta get that shot right? If you aren’t traveling with your own photographer, research photographers on IG ahead of time to book in advance. If that doesn’t work out, bring your own camera and have a friend take photos of you. Don’t miss your chance to create that amazing New York backdrop content because you didn’t plan. I’d also recommend hanging out around Spring St, or the areas where the shows are because you could get photographed by professional well-recognized street-style photographers and end up on Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar’s best dressed street-style looks list or something. Shay and I did this and experienced it first hand! You do want to post your outfits while you’re there to have your audience engaged, and fashion week is that one time of year where I feel absolutely FREE to play with my style by trying new trends and such. It’s NYFW..that’s what you do. It’s also a major source of inspiration for me because I love seeing what colors and trends are going to be huge for the upcoming season.



OK, here’s the good stuff. Speaking of keeping contacts in your email, I cannot stress enough how important it is to NETWORK if you want to develop connections and relationships with brands, PR companies, and other influencers. One of the absolute most important things to keep in mind is to always remain genuine, and be yourself. Nothing’s worse than smelling someone’s BS from a mile away who’s just looking for a quick wave to ride. It ain’t that easy sis. I’d suggest researching PR contacts through LinkedIn, (yes LinkedIn) and even Instagram. I’m talking doing some serious stalking - but in a nice way of course. Research people with the title “Social Media Manager, Influencer Relations Coordinator, Digital Marketing Manager, PR Coordinator”, etc. and reach out to them directly. Some brand contacts also reply to DMs, but I definitely recommend emailing first. These are the contacts that will send you an RSVP invite to a show, presentation, or an event. Already own pieces from a brand you want recognition from? Tag them! Use their hashtags! Mention them in your story! A lot of brands will repost you, and if they like what you are doing they might just hit you up themselves to come to an event or ask you to partner with them some way during fashion week. Nikki and Shay were asked to do an Instagram story takeover for Just Fab! That’s 553,000 new people they were exposed to just like that. You never know who’s keeping up with you on social media, so it’s best to always portray your brand how you want it to be perceived. Most importantly, DON’T BE AFRAID TO SEND THAT FIRST EMAIL.



Hat: Lack of Color Sierra Gold // Turtleneck: Uniqlo Merino Ribbed (almost sold out, similar here) // Trench: ASOS Design // Embossed Leather Belt Bag: Zara (similar here) // Wide-leg Corduroy Trousers: Lilla P // Lace Up Booties: Mango (sold out, similar here)

This outfit was definitely one of my favorite outfits of the week because I felt so confident and mysterious in it. Yes, mysterious because of my super stylish Lack of Color hat that did the talking for me. I got so many compliments while wearing this outfit, and I believe that it’s because I wore pieces that I felt confident in pairing together. Layering in New York was essential since it was cold out and this trench was the perfect gift from my girl Brandy. I love that the monochrome neutrals still made a statement! If you enjoyed this read, please feel free to ask me anything else you want to know about fashion week, outfits, or another blog post you’d like to me cover or elaborate on. Thanks for reading!