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Gosh I just love New York. Almost everything about it gives me the best feelings I can't explain. Every time I have visited, I left so inspired. New York truly is a city like no other. When I have visited New York previously, it has been for something specific; like a few conferences that I went to (Create & Cultivate) and (How To Make It In Fashion NYC) and NYFW when I interned with Giulietta NY LLC. This time around, we actually got to explore the boroughs and visit all the places I've been wanting to see. I can also say that this was the BEST trip EVER! If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you know why. If not, keep scrolling find out :)


When we arrived in New York, (about 9:30am) we stayed at the Arlo Nomad hotel located just North of Madison Square Park and a short walk to the Empire State Building. I found out about this gem while searching through the net when looking for rooms with specific details for ideas I had in mind to do a shoot for the blog. Ding, ding, ding! Arlo Nomad was the winner. I really wanted the full New York City vibe; views of the city and floor to ceiling windows. The Arlo Hotel also has another location: Arlo Soho. I personally liked the Arlo Nomad better when doing my research. Not to mention every corner of the place is 'Gram worthy! *praising hands emoji* Also, we'll just ignore the fact that the taxi cab below is advertising a gentlemen's club.


There are ONLY two things I didn't like about the Arlo Nomad hotel. The rooms are literally about 150 square feet, and there's no room service. Room service normally isn't a big deal for me but I had it specifically in mind for this breakfast in bed shoot. Luckily, there are two restaurants located in the lobby of the hotel - Massoni, and Nomad Bodega. I went there to get a few bites just for the photos - and coffee of course. There's also a super chill rooftop patio bar which is where we hung out at night just before ending our day. If you go, ask for the "watermelon drink."

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Cafe Henrie is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in my book. The owner - Andre Saraiva is a Rakish graffiti artist and international club owner who definitely takes pride in his work. "It's a cafe, but almost an art project." We came here for breakfast and I think I took photos of the interior and artwork the entire time. Des and I both had the breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs, tomato jam, herb salad, and added bacon. 

Man - where do I begin with Egg Shop? The food is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. Egg Shop has two locations in New York: Nolita - 151 Elizabeth St. and in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) - 138 N 8th St. This spot has a pretty chill atmosphere (and obviously very picturesque) with a little bit of everything to offer as far as on the menu. Fresh juices, refreshing breakfast cocktails, organic wines, breakfast bowls, and of course the amaaaazing egg sandwiches! I would go back and eat the same thing over and over if I could. It kind of reminds me on one of my favorite breakfast spots in LA: Eggslut *drools*  Sadly, I'm the type of person to stick with what I really like on a menu because I always feel like I have the worse luck when I finally decide to try something else; I end up hating it! In Des' words: I always take L's (lol) I doubt I would regret ANYTHING on Egg Shop's menu though. 


A lil dessert won't hurt! I've been sooo anxious to try Milk (Momofuku) Bar. There are quite a few locations in New York, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Las Vegas. While strolling around SoHo, we ended up stumbling across the Milk Nolita location - of course we had to stop....maybe twice ha. I heard about Milk a while before Glossier collaborated with them for their new Balm Dot Com Birthday cake edition. Love that stuff btw! I bought two tubes because it's that good. The first time, I tried the birthday cake truffles (and oh my God) *takes a moment of silence.* We couldn't resist so we went back again. The second time around I got the Birthday Cake flavored ice cream with sprinkles, and Des fell in love with the Cornflake-Chocolate Chip-Marshmallow cookies. He's a cookie monster. 


Chillhouse is a brand new multipurpose space owned by Cyndi Ramirez. You can enjoy chill lattes, coffee, wine, beer, small bites, a massage, and even a nice manicure - all in one chill spot! Hence the name; you can feel free to just grab a drink and chill if you want. With the good vibes playing in the background, I took the opportunity to grab an iced coffee, cooled down, and chilled out for a bit since I easily walked miles and miles in New York and they weren't super busy at the time. Every inch of this place is also what I consider 'Gram worthy, so I snapped a few quick pics to show you guys how awesome Chillhouse really is. 

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Where do I begin? This man never ceases to amaze me. From what I thought, we would just be headed to a nice dinner at Mercer Kitchen on the last night of our trip.  (I'll try to keep this short)  While on the way, we took a little detour. I was questioning where we were going because I knew Mercer Kitchen was not in the direction that we were headed. He just continued to play it off as if it were no big deal and that we were just going a different route. I just went with it like - hmm, okay cool. We ended up at this building that served as a hotel/restaurant with this super fancy rooftop. Okay, at this point I felt weird because Des wasn't saying much but seemed so confident that he knew where he was going. We got to the rooftop, and there it was...THE most gorgeous site. Rose petals shaped into a heart where he led me to the middle. Popped the question just like that. I look to my right, and there's a photographer. I was like what! You hired a photographer to be here?! It was the happiest moment ever. I said yes, we toasted with Moet, took hundreds of photos (of course) then headed to Mercer Kitchen for dinner.


I had the Rigatoni with meatballs, and it was the best pasta I've ever had in life! (seriously) We will be going back. The service was amazing, and the food/desserts were so delicious. The ambiance was very dark, yet welcoming and chill.  We are already thinking of when we'll be back to visit New York. I can confirm now that it has become one of my favorite cities for sure. Until next time, New York. You'll always hold a special place in my heart. xo