Let's talk real for a minute.

Style For Breakfast is something that I've been working on forever it feels like. I'm going to be completely honest and straight up 100% real with you guys. I can be the worst when it comes to procrastination and completing something that I can't stop thinking about. Oxymoron, right? I can tell you that it has been over a year since I decided to delete my old blog and start fresh. (You can also check out my earlier post: A New Start) So many thoughts ran through my head like; "Is it good enough? Do I have enough content? Do I have good photos? Is this perfect? Should I write more? Oh shit, I don't have time to work on this today." Excuses excuses excuses. I definitely drove myself to become irritated with it and didn't even look at the process for a few months. Yep, real spill. I let my negative thoughts defeat me - temporarily. I kept on feeling guilty about not finishing what I started because I knew that there were people in my life around me - hell, people that don't even know me who were waiting on me to put my blog back out there. It felt damn good to know that, but at the same time I felt like I let myself down and just forgot about everything that I wanted to accomplish. I would kind of get annoyed when people would ask me; "When are you launching your blog?" or "How's the blog coming along?" etc. During that time, I was STILL doing all the wrong things. Spending too much time looking at social media, looking at what everyone else is doing to not try to be similar, thinking way too hard about how I could set myself apart. Just wasting way too much time on bullshit. Can I say that again? I wasted way too much time on absolute bullshit. But hey, I'm not perfect and I can admit that. My fiance has been there with me from the start. Being patient enough to take all my photos, (Lord knows he struggled with that) motivating me, pushing me harder, and comforting me when I felt all sorts of mixed emotions about it all. I applaud you, Des! Thanks for everything man. I know for a fact I am not easy to deal with. Alright, enough of the negative talk. Moving on.

What I did learn throughout the process is that there will NEVER be a perfect time for anything. I'm telling you. 


Not everything is going to happen exactly the way you want it to all the time, Meghan. Some things will go wrong, your ideas will most likely change, and so on - shit happens. (excuse my language) That's just the way it is. On a more positive note; if you have a plan of action, anything that you want to accomplish CAN be done! I just knew that this was my calling when I couldn't stop thinking of what else I'd enjoy doing more on the side. I love styling, I love playing in my own closet thinking of my next post for the blog, reading other blogs, different magazines, and taking photos. As I've been getting more into visual creativity, I feel like I was made for this. I have always been connected to fashion in some type of way since like, middle school. I've also always told myself; If a career in fashion doesn't work out, I would definitely become a Crime Scene Investigator one day. I still have a passion for that field somewhere in me. Anyway, for a long time I struggled with decisions and making up my mind on how I wanted every little detail which a was a complete bust. I got nothing done. I began reading this awesome book called "You Are a Badass"  which is a self-help/personal growth book by Jen Sincero. Y'all, that book helped me realize some realness for sure.  I have been trying to force myself to read more - but this book I could not put down! Here are some important tips that stood out to me; No matter how clueless you may feel right now pay attention to suggestions and opportunities that suddenly present themselves. Take the first right step instead of wasting hours and days trying to figure out your next move, just do something already. Everything you do along your journey contributes to where you're going. Be grateful throughout the process and keep your thoughts directed at your goal! The moment you have the audacity to believe in the not-seen, your reality will begin to shift. God, isn't that the truth. Creating, envisioning, believing, in your vision board (if you don't have one - make one) is like having a craft day with God. Believe in your self. GROWTH = DISCOMFORT. We should all challenge ourselves to believe that things will work out when we put the work in. Instead of dreaming about our dreams, how about we continue to set small goals to reach that bigger goal - then we'll actually be living our dreams. 

Good things come to those who don't wait up. You got this.



Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. Feel free to stay as long as you please. As you may know, the Style For Breakfast blog has been on a hiatus (which seems like t h e longest time ever) - for the better. I can definitely say during the time I spent away from blogging + my social media, I was figuring out how to balance.  I knew I had to figure out how to rebuild and move forward.  I also had to learn to stop making excuses for myself because that didn't help the situation at all. Just being honest here. During that time I randomly moved to a different city (Austin) and literally had about a three-four week notice. That was crazy! But I did it. 


"I knew I had to figure how to rebuild and move forward."


I can say that I did spend my time away being productive. I read books for inspiration, listened to podcasts, read other inspirational blogs, wrote down my ideas and goals, created mood boards, and so on. I figured out my vision and what was going to work for me. Before, I just could not make up my damn mind about the direction I wanted to go in. I switched platforms not once, but TWICE. First I had my blog with Blogger, then I switched to Wordpress, then from Wordpress I switched to Squarespace - which I felt that it fit the aesthetics of my vision better.

I can admit that I did have a lot of unwanted idle time in between, and I let every little thing get in the way of my productive creativity. Sometimes, it is okay to have a break and figure out exactly what you want to do, and how you want it done. I'd rather that, than putting out content that I wasn't too pleased with. I had to make myself realize that being a perfectionist just isn't going to help you get sh*t done. Because you probably won't.

"Sometimes it's okay to have a break and figure out exactly what you want to do, and how you want it done."

 If you could choose something to take away from this post; I want you to remember that being yourself (your BEST self at that) is the MOST important thing you can do. Don't spend your time comparing yourself to others who have a gazillion followers because chances are.......they bought them. Just kidding. But really, growing your business, blog, everything takes time and continuous effort.

Don't think for one second that your work isn't as good enough because you don't have a huge audience. As that should not be your main goal, that will come later. CONSISTENCY is major key. Just continue to work your butt off and stay true to who you really are. People will notice that. Go for it, girl!

"I want you to remember that being yourself is the MOST important thing you can do."


Photos by Loren Ferguson