Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme


It's been about a year since I purchased this bag and I love it so damn much. It was declared the "IT bag" when I started seeing it all over the place but I didn't want it just for that reason. I wanted it because it has such a classic and timeless look + I knew it would be a good investment that would match anything and last for years to come. S o l d. 

I was visiting my favorite city Los Angeles last Summer when I made the spontaneous decision to go buy a handbag. (because how can you not shop in LA) Anytime I visit LA I cannot explain how good I feel being there. The weather is amazing, scenery is the most gorgeous, and there are endless amounts of things to do. We did a little day shopping at the Beverly Center - which is where I purchased this bag. The whole shopping center was under construction at the time so my experience there wasn't as pleasant as I wanted it to be, however I still managed to bite the bullet and leave with this bag that I had been dreaming about. I hesitated so much because I've never spent so much on one item! Word of advice: If you can't stop thinking about something, just do yourself a favor and buy the damn thing. You only live once, hell. Another word of advice: Don't go broke trying to do it. It was the right timing for me. I saved up, made sure it would still fit in my budget, then I just did it - with no regrets honey! I didn't care if every blogger had this bag because that did not matter to me. I wanted it because I wanted it, and I was going to rock the heck out of it without anyone's permission. It's still my favorite thing I own until this day. It's durable, built to last, and it's the perfect size. 

There are three different sizes you can choose from but I just had to have the large. I don't really like teeny tiny bags as much, the medium was still a weird size to me, and the large was exactly what I wanted. I love that it holds all my necessities and still remains structured. Not to mention the pocket on the back is perfect for storing your phone (God I needed that so much) so it was definitely a win for me. What is one of your must-have item on your splurge list?