Oh July, 

When the summer heat is starting to get r e a l  and all you want to do is stay cool by the pool or hang out at the beach...shaded of course. I actually love July because it's right smack in the middle of the summer season and normally I'd be planning a vacation. I won't be going anywhere this summer, but In August I plan to head back to Los Angeles and New York in September for fashion week. I'm so excited for those two trips! If you have been following me along for a while, you know that I am engaged. Our wedding was supposed to happen later this year, but we pushed it back to next year. You know, sometimes your plans don't always line up the way you thought they would - and we decided together that it would be best if we give ourselves more time to plan and prepare. In the last few months we have moved back to a different city, and with us being between work transitioning and such we have no desire to rush our wedding. What I am also happy about is - most of what we got done for the wedding will already be taken care of for next year! Yes God, I trust your timing. *praising hands emoji* Just thought I'd share an update on what's going on with my life on a personal aspect since this is my platform, and you guys are here for a reason. Thank you for reading!

On another note, what styles have you been into this summer? I have been collecting so many accessories which is unusual for me since I normally don't wear a ton of jewelry. I have so many gold layering necklaces now (especially with the medallions) as well as shell and tortoise earrings. I have also been into dainty stackable rings on multiple fingers. Who am I? I even bought a jewelry holder from Ikea that I loooove! I'm also looking forward to wearing more tops with plunged necklines with layered necklaces for as a subtle staple. Layering accessories can easily transition a simple top or dress to complete any look. Feel free to shop some layering necklaces below - including this "Oui" necklace by Natalie B Jewelry that I just bought because, one day I'll be in France. Until then, OUI!




Thanks for stopping by again! I am back with another mood board post. It seems like a lot of you liked reading my first April Mood post so I am happy to have started this monthly series. If this is your first time reading my mood board post - I decided to create a collage of images that inspire me by my mood, style, and what I'm feeling or getting into that month.

Gosh, where did time go? How are we already almost half-way through the year? That being said, you have 7 months to figure that sh*t out. What are we waiting on? The question that we must all be real about. In real life we all have road blocks that delay us and our plans but that's okay, just as long as you keep going. We all go through different seasons at different times, and if you don't feel like your "time" is now, then it is certainly coming.  If you look at the bottom left quote in the collage, it says "A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms."  I am not going to sit around and complain about where I am, I'm just going to do me and grow along the way. With where I'm headed, I have no tolerance for negativity and I want to surround myself with like-minded individuals who are on the same page. I have come across some amazing women on Instagram who inspire each other to keep killing it! I love that. 

On another note, Houston has been having some gorgeous weather lately and we can already feel that Summer heat coming! I have started doing a little shopping for the Spring/Summer and everything that I am loving now is either linen, or has a tortoise button down detail (or both.) I recently bought two dresses, two skirts, and a top that I cannot wait to wear. Take a guess? They all have tortoise buttons. Now, I'm thinking that I need some tortoise earrings to go along with my tortoise mood. haha. I can't wait to share these new Spring looks with y'all pretty soon. My style is becoming more and more simple  and I am starting to gravitate more towards elevated basics that work well with versatility. What are you looking forward to wearing this season? Can't forget that staple basket bag! Now, you can find them in lots of different styles! Below, I linked a few of my favorite ones. Also, please check out my new "Shop" page at the top menu of my blog! This Summer style list will make you want to spend it all before your vacation. 

all images via pinterest.




I decided to do something a little different here on the blog. I had this "idea" in mind for a monthly mood board blog post for a while now, and I am finally putting it in motion! Can we say YASSS for ideas = action? My new monthly mood board series will just consist of an array of images that reflect my mood, thoughts, feelings, and overall inspirations for that specific month. Most of these images I find on Pinterest (you should follow me on Pinterest here!and some of them might consist of my own personal photos. But mainly Pinterest because that's where I get most of my visual inspiration from. I am so pleased with how my first mood board for this month of April came out because all of the images I can relate to in some sort of way, and I made this myself in Photoshop. Just by looking at the collage, it just makes me feel....alluring. Certainly a direct reflect of my current emotions. 

Life update: My fiancè and I just relocated back to Houston from Austin so that whole process has been long and busy. It's so exciting to be back closer to family and friends! We also didn't realize how much we had (that we didn't need to take with us) until it was time to pack up and move. With having some time off from work, that gave me the chance to donate a bunch of clothing and things to Goodwill and start fresh. I have also been using my time off to focus my time and energy on wedding planning, spending time with my parents, my two dogs, exercising, figuring out money moves with Des (ha) and lots of self care. April has been great so far, and we're already almost half way through it. I also just picked up Gary Vee's new book Crushing It because I've heard so many good things about it! He's a pretty smart and tenacious guy who knows what the hell he's talking about. So I'd definitely take his advice. New month, new goals. Happy April, friends!