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The details - Dress: Tularosa // Bag: Zara // Boots: Zara (similar here) // Photos: Vivian Kwan // V-Day Cookies: Bear Necessity Cookies

Happy Monday, y'all! With Valentine's Day being only a couple days away, I guess I'm considering this a "last minute" post for all of your last minute ideas. Wait....I just realized that every time there's a holiday (that we need to shop for) I always always always create a "last minute" post. I promise I'm not always late with everything. Hahaha. I do a lot of things better under pressure and I know that I'm not the only one! Just being realistic. I don't always shop for birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day gifts months and weeks ahead, I shop the week before..maybe the week of..or a couple days before. *slaps forehead* If you're reading this, you're probably a last minute shopper too (or just reading the blog & I thank you!) so don't worry, I got you.

Although Valentine's Day is not a holiday that I go crazy about, I do still buy a little something for my parents (some sort of couple's thing) and my man. This year, we aren't planning much. I'll be working that day so I'm sure it will be a nice night in with my favorite bottle of Prosecco and I ain't mad at that. Des' birthday is also next week (Lord I still have to buy him a birthday gift) and we will be going on a little fun quick trip so I'm okay with laying low this week/weekend. IF - and that's a strong if we do something for Valentine's Day, I plan on wearing this Tularosa dress because it's so comfortable, casual, yet flirty, which would be perfect for a date night out. And it's on major sale!!!! What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you and your significant other normally go all out or just Netflix and chill? If you're still looking for outfit ideas, look no further! You might be cutting it close for ordering + on time delivery but some places have reasonable overnight options, or you can just get your inspiration ideas here and go find them in store. Do your thing, girl!

The Ultimate Gift Guide: 

For Him:

For Your Galentine:

What to Wear:

Night in With Bae:

Casual Date Night:

Hot Date:

Shop My Look:

Were you inspired by any of these outfits/gift ideas? If so - are you going on a hot date, casual date, night out with your girls, or stay in the house kinda date? Whatever you decide to do, have a good time! I hope you enjoyed this post and THANK YOU for reading! <3



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With Christmas just around the corner you might find yourself doing lots of last minute shopping for gifts, holiday decor, things to wear to holiday parties, etc. There are only 11 days left until Christmas day and I still have not finished all of my gift shopping yet! Have you? I don't know why, but I always get it all done within a couple days before. Surely I'm not the only one. It's just something about crunch time and being under pressure that really puts that fire under my a-- for me to get a move on. But I still get it done. 


Just in time for the season; I have collaborated with JORD to keep me and my time organized. Normally I'm working so much during the week and weekends throughout the holidays, I barely have time do the things that I need (and want) to do for myself or with my family. JORD  (which is the Danish meaning for "Earth" ) is a watch company that focuses on creating unique wooden timepieces modeled after a modern lifestyle. There are a wide range of women's and men's watches to choose from that are conveniently priced from $139 - $395 to find that perfect gift for yourself, or for a loved one. The JORD brand is centered on the concept of the journey, and that every second counts. Their watches are built around this core belief and their timepieces aim to tell more than just time. Additional options include watch engraving, watch sizing, and watch box engraving. 


I am wearing the  "F R A N K I E " series in Dark Sandalwood & Smoke. Did I mention that this one is unisex? I love the dark wood because it can match just about anything and has just the right amount of masculinity/femininity. 

I also have something special for all of you who are interested! You can click this link to receive a 25% off coupon for your purchase! It expires December 19th, so you might want to take advantage of this limited offer before it's gooooooooooone. Just go here: and enter your email address. OH, just one more thing - for a limited time only you can also enter the code ENGRAVE4FREE to get your wooden watch box engraved! Shipping is free worldwide.


Thank you JORD for sponsoring this post!