Denim has always been one of my main my go-to wardrobe pieces for any type of occasion. Yep, I love to wear denim when I want to be casual/comfortable, and even when I want to wear a dressy top with denim. You just can't go wrong with denim jeans! I don't know about you all, but when I find a really good pair of jeans that I love, I literally hold on to them for years. I still wear a pair of jeans that I got about 7 years ago. Not all jeans will last a long time though. You have to find the right fit, and the right quality - if you care. I recently got rid of a few pairs of old jeans because lately, I've been investing in higher quality pairs. Thanking myself now. On another note - I've always had an issue with finding the perfect fit because of my small waist and slightly curvy lil' bum. Thanks, Mom! But I love it. So when Topshop x Stylinity reached out for a denim collaboration, I was super excited because not only was it was right up my alley, but it was time to try out a different brand for denim that I hadn't tried before. 

Have any of you ever worn Topshop denim? I am now in love. First of all; COST. For as nice as the quality is, Topshop denim is affordable for everyone! Starting at $65+, and with a wide range of fits you can find your perfect pair for sure. Sizes start from 24-36 with options for petite, regular, tall, and maternity. One for all! Literally. Personally, I love a high-waist fit with a cropped ankle. In this first look - my denim style is the MOTO Indigo Clean Rinse Straight. I got them with a longer length just so I can have the option to roll the ankle or wear them longer for a looser fit look. Considering trying Topshop denim? I'd say that you wouldn't be disappointed! If you have a pair of Topshop denim already, what are your favorite fits? I think my next pair that I plan on purchasing will be the Jamie! Follow me on IG (@imgoodlikemeghan) to stay updated with my next Topshop denim look! Shop this look here! Since you are so kind to read this post, here are some discount coupons from Topshop!

Photos by: Kaye McCoy of - Cookayemonster


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MOTO Indigo Clean Rinse Straight