Happy Sunday, y'all! It has been such a refreshing week for me because I have had a lot of time to get things D O N E. My man was out of town for work the whole week, and my dog Zeik is at camp - lol. He loves it. I finally got the chance to reach out to some vendors for the wedding and secured some meetings. Go me! (I'm always last minute with things.) Anyway, since some of you are new to the blog - welcome! It's still so cold here in Texas and I'm excited that I get still wear a few coats that have been hanging in the closet. I was soooo lucky that I got this Top Shop coat (now sold out)  because it would sell out, restock, sell out, restock and I kept watching the site until I finally scored it. And it was on sale. Not to rub that in. But I love the color even more in person. It's such a gorgeous shade of pink it's almost more on the warm, mauve neutral side. 


This coat is also so very comfortable and oh so warm. I just wanna sleep in it. I didn't plan on wearing it with a pink sweater and a pink bag, it just kind of happened. I loved how the different shades of pink worked so well so I ran with it. I also plan on wearing this coat with a black or brown turtleneck and black pants - maybe. It's that versatile. The one that I am wearing is called "Alicia" and it also came in a pretty brown color. Even though you can't get this one anymore, I have rounded up 5 other pink coats that you should check out! Even if you aren't a pink girl you still might like these because...they're that good. Also, 'tis the season to buy coats because of the many Winter sales going on this time of the year. Have a wonderful weekend! <3

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