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Alright guys. I want to make this short, sweet, and simple. I can honestly say; this sh*t isn't easy...at all. But if its your passion, and you have dreams and goals as big as the sky, then you can do anything you want to do. *cliche but real* By all means, I am not saying that this is exactly what you have to do to be a successful blogger, I am simply just putting helpful info out there that I have researched and found out on my own. As my blog is continuing to evolve, I will be happy to share any other tips that I may find helpful along the way. 

1. Consistency Is Very Important

As you might already know, blogging takes a huge amount of effort. On a weekly basis you have to work on creating content for your readers if you want to see growth. I struggled with this when I first started my blog back in 2011. I barely took it serious because clearly, I had no idea back then how it could've taken off if I were to really put the work in. Not saying that you have to have a blog post published every single day 7 day a week, but you don't want to have your readers wondering where you disappeared to if you only post every now and then. (mistakes that I've made) Figure out a plan to prepare your posts for the following week. Then move on to bigger tasks like planning your content for the rest of the month. If you feel like you need a break, take one. Although consistency boosts your engagement and follower counts, you should still be true to who you are as a blogger. 

2. Stay Motivated 

Is it as easy as it sounds? For me, it isn't. No kidding, working a full-time job sometimes used to consume me to where I didn't have much motivation if any at all. It's certainly normal to have those brief moments when you need a push. Try something new. Break an old habit. Start reading a book that will be beneficial to you. You know that cute little 2017 planner that you bought? Use the hell out of it to keep yourself organized. Any ideas that you have, jot them down and come up with plans of action that will get you to where you want to be. Keep in mind, do not spend so much time looking at other people's work and wonder why you haven't seen the results you want just yet. Believe me - everyone has started somewhere, and maintaining a blog isn't just 1,2,3, boom, major success! Be committed to what you are investing your spare time in. You can do it, girl!  

3. Take Time To Research 

What are you going to blog about? If you're reading this, I am sure you probably already know or have an idea. Right? Take time to research your favorite blogs or inspiration sources to get an idea of what's out there. What type of blogs are the most interesting to you? Think of ways that you can set your blog apart from everyone else's. Although there are tons of bloggers out there who blog about fashion, you are in control of your own universe. There is enough room for everyone to make it. Come up with a different strategy. What interest you the most about fashion or beauty or whatever it is? Own it.  Find your voice, stay true to it, and people will follow to be inspired. Always be unique.