Let's be real, bios can be boring. So thanks for being curious.

get to know me:

Hi there, I’m Meghan Adams, a proud Texas native addicted to all things fashion. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Houston with a Bachelors in Fashion & Retail Management - currently working for one of the world’s most leading luxury fashion brands. I always knew that I needed to be doing something creative and fashion related  as a side hustle because it was apart of my nature and makes me happy.

Believe it or not, in high school I used to design clothes (just for fun) for myself and others. I was just a 10th grader having fun with scissors, paint, beads, buttons, glitter, pretty much any little cute bells and whistles I could add to a pair of jeans or a plain t-shirt. People used to dig my shit too. And paid me for it! 

It wasn’t until as I got a little older, friends and other people I knew started asking me for fashion advice. I enjoyed doing it. I used to cover my walls with ripped out magazine covers and pages to gain inspiration. I knew fashion and styling would be my thing.

So, I first started Style For Breakfast in April 2011 just to show photos of what I was actually wearing that day just because I loved doing it. Back then, I wasn't too serious about blogging. With all new ideas and life happenings, I decided to take some time to reflect and relaunch Style For Breakfast with all new fresh content + new plans of action. It took a lot of courage! As you may know, starting something new can be so challenging. But hey, we all learn right? It's what we make it.